Using Sequel Pro with Laravel Homestead

Laravel Homestead is now out, and I love using it for my Vagrant environment.  That being said, sometimes configuration of third-party tools like Sequel Pro can be a bit funny.

Connecting Sequel Pro to Laravel Homestead is pretty easy.  The @laravelphp Twitter account posted a tweet on May 16, 2014 that outlined how to do this by default, but sometimes tweets are hard to find, so I wanted to put it in plain text and post the image here as well so it can be Googl-ified.

Once you have Homestead set up and you have run “vagrant up” just…

  1. Choose “Standard” toggle at the top
  2. Put in the following credentials
  • Name: Homestead
  • Host:
  • Username: homestead
  • Password: secret
  • Database: (optional, whatever you want if you want to directly connect)
  • Port: 33060

Sequel Pro Settings for Laravel Homestead


Happy Homesteading!
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46 responses to “Using Sequel Pro with Laravel Homestead”

  1. roryafrancis Avatar

    Thanks for posting this! Worked like a charm.

  2. Guest Avatar

    This does not work for me. Running fresh installation of homestead

    1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      Hey “Guest” 😉 – it looks like you are using port 3306 which is the default port for MySQL. You need to use port 33060 – which is what Laravel Homestead uses so it does not conflict. Let me know if that helps!

  3. Mattias Fjellvang Avatar
    Mattias Fjellvang

    This does not work for me

    1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      Hey Mattias, Homestead 2.0 was just released 2-3 weeks ago, so be aware of that. However, I just installed v2.0 a few days ago and this setup worked great like it did before.

      Is there anything specific that you can share about what is failing?

  4. Nick Bloor Avatar
    Nick Bloor

    Make sure you are using the correct port. 33060 (not 3306 which is default)

  5. Osvaldo Brignoni Avatar

    I did not know it was so simple! Thanks Tanner!

  6. Alfred Nutile Avatar
    Alfred Nutile


  7. Sarmen Boyadjian Avatar
    Sarmen Boyadjian


  8. Jhonny Gil Avatar
    Jhonny Gil

    Thanks for this post! it worked easily

  9. Willem Avatar

    Haha I tried so many different things in my search to get this working. Thank you for posting this. it helped a lot!

  10. Danny Amaya Avatar
    Danny Amaya

    Thank you so much!

  11. Mohammed Mudasir Avatar

    Thanks a log Tanner (y) keep it up

  12. Shane Avatar

    I can’t get this to work either.. I’ve tried everything include re-installing vagrant and homestead, but all I get is this error message.

    1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      Hey @shaneparsons1:disqus – are you sure Homestead is running?

      1. Shane Avatar

        Assuming you mean via `vagrant up`, yes it is.
        I believe I’m running Homestead 2.1.7 if that helps at all..

        1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

          Hm…I think you may need to use the actual `homestead up` command. There are also some setup things to make sure you have ready that you can do by running `homestead init`

          See the attached image.

          1. Shane Avatar

            Im curious as to why the official homestead documentation,, mentions nothing about `homestead up`..

            I’ve done all the setup accordingly as well, which is leading me to believe that 2.1.7 has some issues.

            Have you successfully managed to do it with 2.1.7?

          2. Tanner Hearne Avatar

            I am on 2.1.6 – I’ll try and upgrade and test it soon and get back with you.

          3. Shane Avatar

            There was a recent update to the 2.1.7 vagrant box, and everything seems to be working fine now.

  13. Juan Carlos Rodríguez Pinto Avatar
    Juan Carlos Rodríguez Pinto

    It is working perfect! Thanks!

  14. Chuck Avatar


  15. dense_alpha Avatar

    Works like a charm

    1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      Perfect! Glad I could help!

  16. Chris Evans Avatar
    Chris Evans

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together, got it up and running in a couple of mins. 🙂

    1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      Awesome! Glad to help 🙂

  17. J.V Krakowski Avatar

    That didn’t work for me.

    1. Tanner Avatar

      Hey JV – what is it doing? Just erroring out?

    2. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      Hey @jv_krakowski:disqus – what did it do for you? Did it throw any specific error? I’ve used this tactic for two years (and am using it right now as I write this). Would be curious if you have any specifics on what may be causing it not to work.

      1. J.V Krakowski Avatar

        I have yet to access the database at all.

        1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

          Hm…can you share a screenshot?

  18. dannamite Avatar

    Awesome! This worked for me. Thanks.

    1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      Sure thing @dannamite:disqus!

  19. Julián Avatar

    Thanks, it works

    1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      No problem @disqus_eAEhJggo3Z:disqus !

  20. Brian Rivet Avatar
    Brian Rivet

    I can’t get this to work. I keep getting an error saying MySQL said: Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 0

    1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

      Hm…I haven’t encountered that before @brian_rivet:disqus. Do you think it has to deal with your Homestead setup or MySQL connection?

      1. Brian Rivet Avatar
        Brian Rivet

        Hi Tanner. Turns out it was a provisioning issue. I reloaded and reprovisioned and it kicked right on. Thanks!

        1. Tanner Hearne Avatar

          Awesome! Glad to hear it!

          1. Brian Rivet Avatar
            Brian Rivet

            Hi Tanner, it looks like I may have spoke too soon. I am able to connect via Sequel Pro, but I’m having a problem where mysql won’t stay up and running for more than about a minute. When I ssh into Homestead and try to restart mysql it times out. Have you ever heard of this issue? I saw a thread saying it was an issue with Apparmor in Ubuntu but I followed the directions to fix it and it still won’t start up.

          2. Tanner Hearne Avatar

            Hm…that seems like a MySQL issue, but Homestead should work out of the box. Have you tried reinstalling Homestead?

          3. Brian Rivet Avatar
            Brian Rivet

            I was able to sort it out. Or at least get it working. It looks like there is some sort of an issue with apparmor in the version of ubuntu that is in Homestead. It kills mysql after a few minutes and blocks it from restarting. I found a script to add to the that dialed back apparmor’s mysql setting to complain mode instead of enforce.

          4. Tanner Hearne Avatar

            Awesome! Glad you worked it out!

  21. suebphatt Avatar

    Thank you so much, it works… but why? lol

    Thought I must connect to Vagrant’s SQL via SSH tunnel instead of just direct connect? hmmmm