Using Sequel Pro with Laravel Homestead


Laravel Homestead is now out, and I love using it for my Vagrant environment.  That being said, sometimes configuration of third-party tools like Sequel Pro can be a bit funny.

Connecting Sequel Pro to Laravel Homestead is pretty easy.  The @laravelphp Twitter account posted a tweet on May 16, 2014 that outlined how to do this by default, but sometimes tweets are hard to find, so I wanted to put it in plain text and post the image here as well so it can be Googl-ified.

Once you have Homestead set up and you have run “vagrant up” just…

  1. Choose “Standard” toggle at the top
  2. Put in the following credentials
  • Name: Homestead
  • Host:
  • Username: homestead
  • Password: secret
  • Database: (optional, whatever you want if you want to directly connect)
  • Port: 33060

Sequel Pro Settings for Laravel Homestead


Happy Homesteading!
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  • roryafrancis

    Thanks for posting this! Worked like a charm.

  • Guest

    This does not work for me. Running fresh installation of homestead

    • Hey “Guest” 😉 – it looks like you are using port 3306 which is the default port for MySQL. You need to use port 33060 – which is what Laravel Homestead uses so it does not conflict. Let me know if that helps!

  • Mattias Fjellvang

    This does not work for me

    • Hey Mattias, Homestead 2.0 was just released 2-3 weeks ago, so be aware of that. However, I just installed v2.0 a few days ago and this setup worked great like it did before.

      Is there anything specific that you can share about what is failing?

  • Nick Bloor

    Make sure you are using the correct port. 33060 (not 3306 which is default)

  • I did not know it was so simple! Thanks Tanner!

  • Alfred Nutile


  • Sarmen Boyadjian


  • Jhonny Gil

    Thanks for this post! it worked easily

  • Haha I tried so many different things in my search to get this working. Thank you for posting this. it helped a lot!

  • Danny Amaya

    Thank you so much!

  • Thanks a log Tanner (y) keep it up

  • Shane

    I can’t get this to work either.. I’ve tried everything include re-installing vagrant and homestead, but all I get is this error message.

    • Hey @shaneparsons1:disqus – are you sure Homestead is running?

      • Shane

        Assuming you mean via `vagrant up`, yes it is.
        I believe I’m running Homestead 2.1.7 if that helps at all..

        • Hm…I think you may need to use the actual `homestead up` command. There are also some setup things to make sure you have ready that you can do by running `homestead init`

          See the attached image.

          • Shane

            Im curious as to why the official homestead documentation,, mentions nothing about `homestead up`..

            I’ve done all the setup accordingly as well, which is leading me to believe that 2.1.7 has some issues.

            Have you successfully managed to do it with 2.1.7?

          • I am on 2.1.6 – I’ll try and upgrade and test it soon and get back with you.

          • Shane

            There was a recent update to the 2.1.7 vagrant box, and everything seems to be working fine now.

  • Juan Carlos Rodríguez Pinto

    It is working perfect! Thanks!

  • Chuck


  • dense_alpha

    Works like a charm

  • Chris Evans

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together, got it up and running in a couple of mins. 🙂

  • That didn’t work for me.

    • Tanner

      Hey JV – what is it doing? Just erroring out?

    • Hey @jv_krakowski:disqus – what did it do for you? Did it throw any specific error? I’ve used this tactic for two years (and am using it right now as I write this). Would be curious if you have any specifics on what may be causing it not to work.

  • dannamite

    Awesome! This worked for me. Thanks.

  • Julián

    Thanks, it works

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