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  • Forge and Amazon AWS Deployment, Server Creation, and IAM Policies

    We all love Laravel Forge.  It makes things so, so easy.  That being said, when using AWS as your host sometimes AWS permissions can be a bit funny. Specifically, you need a unique IAM user for Forge so you can assign permission policies.  IAM is Amazon’s way of allowing different users different permissions.  Forge utilizes […]

  • Where will Laracon US 2015 be?

    Well, the news is out…partially.  On Thursday, I did a live Q&A with Taylor Otwell for Laravel DFW (you can watch it here).  Laracon US 2015 will be in potentially one of two places: Louisville, Kentucky Chicago, Illinois Either location will be pretty great, but personally I hope the powers at be choose Louisville.  Last year’s Laracon […]

  • Using Sequel Pro with Laravel Homestead

    Laravel Homestead is now out, and I love using it for my Vagrant environment.  That being said, sometimes configuration of third-party tools like Sequel Pro can be a bit funny.

  • What Has Taylor Otwell Not Included In Laravel?

    Question: What plans does Taylor Otwell have for Laravel that time constraints have kept him from realizing? Taylor Otwell: If I had unlimited time to work on Laravel, what would I do? Tanner Hearne: Well, firstly, how much time do you spend like on average per week, you think?

  • Will Laravel 5 Be a Hard Upgrade?

      **This conversation happened before the announcement on September 11, 2014 that Laravel version 4.3 would be named Laravel version 5.  It does not change the overall idea relayed the interview – the version number was changed due to the big change in directory structure among other things.

  • Link to CSS File in Laravel 4 using the HTML Class

    Update – May 3, 2017 – if you are using Laravel 5.3 you can check out the Html class in Laravel Collective’s class here.  The Html class is no longer part of a vanilla Laravel install—for good reason in my opinion—and Laravel Collective is now the maintainer.  All the same functionality, just install their package. Original – October 13, […]