Even if we don’t feel like it all the time we are the same as the rest of humanity.  Sometimes we identify with people, like when we both go through the same issues.  Sometimes we don’t see people as people, but rather disparate and evil, like when they are driving next to us.  Yesterday was a post about humility – today it is important we be reminded of how talented the people around us are as well as how they struggle in the same ways.  Let us lift up our friends and neighbors, family and loved ones, strangers and acquaintances, and rejoice in the things they accomplish and comfort them when hardship says “hello”.  The reality is, every moment, every step, every road we turn on, every tear, every smile, every television show, every meal, every friend, every spouse, every cool day swimming in a lake, every working at the office all day, every child’s recital, every broken down car, every loss, every discovery, everything binds us together because we have the same experiences.

We should be more compassionate towards people, because we also go through the same choices, and while some make good choices and others make bad choices, we all make good and bad choices in the end.  To that same point, God masks over every mistake that we have made and every mistake everyone else makes.  Our response should be to be reckless in our appreciation and love for other people.  We have the same blood, we have the same molecules, we have the same atoms, and we were made by the same God.  They and we are the same.






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    Brad Hearne

    Well said Son