Category: Life

  • Just Do It Again

    Seth Godin posted a super engaging blog post today.  It asks us to view the limits we place on ourselves. “Oh, I could never do that” or “That person just knows how to do that thing better

  • Patience

    Traffic is the prime example of when negative feelings overtake the character trait of patience. If traffic keeps us in our car for even an extra minute, we

  • Rest


    Sometimes all we need is rest.

  • Value

    Too many times we believe other people’s lesser valuation of us and what we are worth.  It may be a client, a boss, a friend, a parent, or a competitor.  The reality is, valuations are opinions

  • Resistance Makes Us Stronger

    Struggles grow our character, our wisdom, our understanding, and everything about us just like working our muscles makes them stronger.

  • Breathe


    There is an exercise along with a writing, and be encouraged to do the exercise.  What are you are thinking about that concerns or worries you right now in this moment?

  • Do


    The door is our enemy.  The door stands between us and our destiny.  The door stands between us and what we want.

  • Same


    Even if we don’t feel like it all the time we are the same as the rest of humanity.  Sometimes we identify with people, like when we both go through the same issues.

  • Humility


    Rope bridges are scary (e.g. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). Even real bridges can be scary. Crossing a rickety bridge to get to where we want to go is exactly like our paths to different successes.

  • Original

    Originality is a hard concept to grasp.  We must realize we are deeply and forever tainted by the influence of past people and creativity that has come before us.