Door with Chains


The door is our enemy.  The door stands between us and our destiny.  The door stands between us and what we want.  Why don’t we open the door?  Why are we waiting on someone to open it for us?  Why don’t we believe in ourselves?  Do we think we can’t make it?  Do we think our ideas are not good enough?  Do we think we don’t have the skills?  The money?  The will?

It’s probably the will.  Never has there been a more opportune time and easier hurdles to cross to do what we feel like is calling us deep within ourselves.  We must will ourselves to do it, and then do it.  The reality is that the chains we see on the door to what we want are our excuses, and the key to unlocking those chains is our will.  We must execute.  Learn, but first execute.  And then blog, paint, talk, speak, code, design, love, make money, fly, spend, create, teach, explain, believe, punch, kick, run, jump, flip, build, carry, compete.


For extra inspiration and to learn where my inspiration for this writing came from, read Seth Godin #1 and Seth Godin #2.