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  • Just Do It Again

    Seth Godin posted a super engaging blog post today.  It asks us to view the limits we place on ourselves. “Oh, I could never do that” or “That person just knows how to do that thing better

  • Patience

    Traffic is the prime example of when negative feelings overtake the character trait of patience. If traffic keeps us in our car for even an extra minute, we

  • iOS 7, Apple, and Jony Ive

    I am looking forward to the coming updates that will come with iOS 7.

  • Rest


    Sometimes all we need is rest.

  • Value

    Too many times we believe other people’s lesser valuation of us and what we are worth.  It may be a client, a boss, a friend, a parent, or a competitor.  The reality is, valuations are opinions

  • Resistance Makes Us Stronger

    Struggles grow our character, our wisdom, our understanding, and everything about us just like working our muscles makes them stronger.

  • How To Write Effective Blog Posts

    How To Write Effective Blog Posts

  • Breathe


    There is an exercise along with a writing, and be encouraged to do the exercise.  What are you are thinking about that concerns or worries you right now in this moment?

  • Do


    The door is our enemy.  The door stands between us and our destiny.  The door stands between us and what we want.

  • Humility


    Rope bridges are scary (e.g. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). Even real bridges can be scary. Crossing a rickety bridge to get to where we want to go is exactly like our paths to different successes.