[Solved] MacOS High Sierra Scanner Error -9923

I recently had an issue with my brand new Canon TS8120 where I could print but I could not scan.  My Canon printer currently has been wirelessly connected using Secure AirPrint.  The Canon documentation said that the device should be able to wirelessly print and scan, so I was very confused.  After searching two separate nights for a solution online I could not find anything.

  1. Restarting my router did not work.
  2. Reinstalling the printer did not work.
  3. Everything did not work.

Then I found this blog post by James McDonald that solved my issue.  For some reason Mac based computers currently have an issue wirelessly scanning if a printer has IPv6 enabled.  I went into my printer’s settings (not on my Mac, and not on my router) and there was an option to disable IPv6.  IPv4 will still be available and will still connect your printer to the network.

After I disabled IPv6 on my printer the scanner opened right up!  I could use the default scan utility, Image Capture, or Canon’s software that came with the printer.

Let me know if this helped you!

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