The Job of Leadership – Free Wallpaper

Ev Williams posted a great article on Medium that describes the job of leadership.  Leaders must involve a three fold approach to succeed with their teams: alignment, enthusiasm, and the right goal.  As leaders, becoming wrapped up in the excitement or chaos of fast moving organizations or the monotony and bureaucracy of a slow moving organization can kill the culture and our teams.

The temptation to usurp control from our teams can be strong, but ultimately through delegation, we must work as amplifiers for each person.  They can do it (better than we can), and we must work to encourage and leverage those talented, smart people.  By removing roadblocks and amplifying each persons’ positive attributes, our delegation of the challenges or organizations face increases our team’s productivity ten times over.

Ev’s quote says it concisely:

“The job of leadership is to foster alignment and enthusiasm toward the right goal.”

I created a wallpaper to help me keep Ev’s thoughts in mind.  If you want the wallpaper you can download it here.  You should also take some time to read Ev’s full post.